Saturday, July 23, 2011

2011 Vacation

Our vacation is almost over...for my hubby anyway. I have two more weeks with my mom on the family farm. Can't wait. Enjoy the pictures I've taken so far of Vacation 2011.

Yes, those are dancing candy bars at Hershey Park
Happy to wait for L & C, we love to 'people watch.'
Here they are eating their favorite food. Ok, maybe cotton candy isn't a food group
This rollercoast pulls the cars backwards to the top
then it careened down with many loops to follow... was the only one we did, you know how old I will be next year!
Spent several hours at the water rides, this is the wave pool.
Funny story...if you know Rob well, you know he doesn't like the water much.
So, my mom asked me after I told her we had spent time here..."what did
he wear for shoes into the water?" She had never seen him without shoes, he
hates to go barefoot, but he did here! We had a great time
at Hershey Park.

On a more serious note, we travelled to Gettysburg and took a 2hour
bus tour of the Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield. Very interesting and
eye-opening making me wish I had paid more attention in history
class in high school. Never too late to learn though.
Rob & I also spent the day with friends at their camp where there is
no cell service. That is what I call a vacation! Thanks
Dave and Diane.

I'm beginning to think I need a new camera!
Remember I have moved to Jody Lynne.

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Judy said...

Love these pics. And you look wonderful! I am a little jealous as when I went to Hershey way back when there were no dancing chocolates or roller coaster;-) Lauren is just beautiful too. How grown up.