Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer in Iowa

My nephew Nicholas Stegmann

Headed out to the nature center on the bike path

Game night at the Mannan's, I think Lauren was losing!

Leftover fireworks, but don't tell anyone my brother-in-law
bought them in Missouri

Cookout at the Stegmann campsite...behind their house

I've taken better sunset pictures...but this was my last night in Iowa
and I wanted to capture one

 I highly recommend flying Delta Airlines whenever you need to fly.
I know if I fly with them I can AVOID O'Hare in Chicago. It could
be a bright sunny day with not a cloud in sight and you would STILL be
delayed. This is the tunnel at Detroit Airport that is quite
entertaining with the colors changing to music.
Summer fun is almost over with school starting in three weeks.
It has been a great summer.

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