Friday, October 3, 2008


I spent the day doing errands for my family, going to the dr. to find I had gained a pound after killing myself on my ellipitcal for the last two weeks, and visiting a friend recovering from extensive back surgery. I was disappointed about that one pound, it was all I could think about until the Holy Spirit reminded me of a question I try to ask myself often: "How can I be a godly woman?" In "making it my goal to know Him...", I find myself saying yes, but how? The following questions have helped me answer this daily question:

*Do I know God's Word?
*Do I love God's Word?
*Do I help others in knowing God's Word?
*Do I serve others out of my love for God?
*Is God the reference point for all of my life?
*Is God's glory the over-arching goal for all of my life?

I was also reminded my prayer had been for the Lord to help me be healthy, not thin like the magazine models. What's more important? A thin body that fades away or a relationship with God who loves me more than I can fathom? Let's be healthy, Godly women.
"For God so loved..." John 3:16

Something to think about for your weekend.

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