Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I love to teach and am presently teaching a women's Sunday School class. We are beginning a new book, Trusting God in Times of Adversity, a study in the book of Job. The first thing I think of when I consider the book of Job is suffering. As I was preparing to teach and lead this class I came across a quote by John Piper

"There are things to see in the Word of God that our eyes can only see through the lens of tears."

I am encouraged that through suffering, whether it is loss, betrayl, pain, whatever the adversity that may bring tears, I am learning to know God and His Word more.

That I may know Him.

This week I will share with you some of the sufferings God has used to draw me to Himself and make me more like his precious Son and my Lord.


Anonymous said...

Our culture is so anti-suffering. We try everything to remove suffering, not knowing that suffering is a gift from God.

My prayer is that as you dive into the book of Job, you learn more about the sovereignty of God, learning to trust Him and place your hope in Him

Tamela's Place said...

hello Jody,

with suffering seems to come a more intimate knowing of Jesus. May God bless you in your teachings as you glorify Him in all that you do.. :)

Gigi said...

I look forward to your posts this week, Jody...I know I'll learn much. God bless...