Friday, May 29, 2009

Suffer= to undergo or feel pain or distress taken from

I haven't suffered from
debilitating pain, the loss of a child or spouse, or persecution for my faith. As I've given this particular subject quite a bit of thought this week, God has shown me that, even though I have experienced adversity and trials in my life, overall I haven't really suffered. Again, "paper cuts of life".

Sixteen months ago something happened that produced not only the most pain, but was the defining moment in my walk with God knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could trust Him and cling to Him like I'd never done before.

God was still in control even when I felt like my world was collapsing around me. Grief will do that to you.

The dreaded phone call came one late afternoon that my dad was in serious condition from some tests he had that day. The following morning I was on a plane to the midwest arriving after midnight in frigid cold. Twenty-four hours later God called my dad home into eternity with him.
Words still fail me but I knew as I stood by his bed with my mom and sisters as he walked through the valley of the shadow of death Jesus was holding our hands.

The loss, not loss, I knew where he went, but his absence for this past year has been at times more than I wanted to bear. Pain and distress.

BUT GOD has led me through this valley as I've spent most of the year in the Psalms. I've gotten to know Him better and understand His heart for me. Suffering, in whatever form it has taken, whether a "paper cut" or the loss of a loved one, has taught me to run to Jesus.

My comfort has been Jesus and His Word.


Lori said...

I miss your dad too; his chuckle and his grin. He wasn't a stout man, but was sturdy in his faith. Today's verse on my blog is fitting - Psalm 103:17-18. What more could your dad ask of his children, than for you to stand firm and pass on the legacy!

Gigi said...

These past 6 months have had me holding onto Him for all I'm worth. I never dreamed how tightly I would need to has been the most humbling experience of my life.