Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So, What Did You Do Today?

I'm often asked by well-meaning family members and friends what I did today? And the minute the question is out I'm at a loss for words. What did I do? Regular blogging has taken the place of journal keeping, which I've done for the past twenty plus years, so I don't have a physical book I can refer back to, to see what I did for the day, or what the Lord taught me.
There are days when I feel like I work more than full-time, I guess that's overtime.
Thinking about today and the smile of God on my life:

*Kids fed and off to school-Thank you Lord for food

*Studied for my Sunday School lesson-Thank you Lord for your Word and the freedom my son is
now protecting.

*Spent a couple of hours with a great friend who encouraged me as I think about teaching JOB,
adversity and suffering. Can we see our trials as a compliment from God? she asked.

*Out to lunch with one of my daughters-thank you Lord she wants to spend time with me

*Two hours of yard mowing on a beautiful sunny day-Thank you Lord for quiet time

*Supper on the grill with family and our kids' friends-we ate at the table not on the grill :)

*More studying and enjoying the evening with my husband

I love my life--Thank you Lord

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Lori said...

You, my dear, are blessed. Sometimes we don't see the blessings in the forest of adversity. But they are there.