Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pointing To Jesus

I can't believe today is the beginning of our last month of 2009. It seems I was just getting last minute wrapping paper and tape at the grocery store and here we are twelve months later.
Our Christmas music began a few days before Thanksgiving, I put away all my fall decorations last Friday and Lauren is itching to take the boxes out of the garage so we can start decorating. Not sure when we will get our tree, Justin usually does it for us, and we want to have it up and looking good  when he is home around the first of January.
I start my baking today with some goodies for the elder's meeting at church tonight. Saturday we will be putting together goody baskets for shut-ins, our senior saints, and those who need some extra cheer this time of year. Baking looks to be in my future for the next few weeks.
Our family loves Christmas and we celebrate with music, food, decorations and parties. We remind ourselves along with Noel Piper(John Piper's wife):

"May our decorations, gifts, and festivities--or lack of them--never block our view of him but always point us toward him.

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