Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Staying Connected

I am blessed to have friends and family that I am able to keep in contact with. It doesn't matter if they are next door or around the world serving their country, I have the benefit of technology and social networking to keep up to date on a daily basis if I want.
I am thankful for a computer where I am able to use email, facebook, skype, blogging, instant messaging, and phones that can find me anytime if I choose to keep it with me. I use all these mediums to stay connected.

 I am also thankful for the many ways I can keep in contact with my Lord. With so many resources, I have no excuse in neglecting to spend time with the Lord of my life, lover of my soul. Whether it is many versions of the Bible I have at home, the Bible on compact disc, many radio programs that preach the Word of God or listening to my husbands messages on-line I make it my goal to stay connected everyday and remember to thank God for the freedoms I enjoy.


Terri said...

I agree Jody. Technology can be such a wonderful thing to help stay in touch with people.

Gigi said...

So true...and for the ability to see with my eyes all that His Hands hath made...