Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday's Message -Holiness

Just when I think my pastor can't preach a better sermon than last week, he goes and hits one out of the ballpark. The book of Romans is not an easy book to preach through but he is doing an outstanding job. You can learn a great definition of holiness by listening to The Gospel Life.


Kirsten Phillips said...

I can't wait to listen! Jon and I are both teaching out of Romans in February and it is very challenging!

Michelle said...

Oh Jody, you are so right!! Another EXCELLENT sermon! So glad others can access them online for the first time, or to hear it again!

Cheryl said...

I can not tell you how MUCH I have been blessed by being able to hear Rob preach again! When I first found the Lafayette Website, I would sit for HOURS at the computer and listen to one sermon after another! Now that I'm all caught up, I listen to the current sermon on the Monday following the Sunday it was preached. Every time, when it's over I say, "Oh no! It's over already! Now I have to wait another whole week to hear another one!" It has replenished my soul! The only regret makes me miss you all that much more!!! I love you guys!