Monday, January 18, 2010


Yesterday my Sunday School class wrapped its study in the book of JOB. Not sure of the exact date we started but it was early in the fall sometime. This was my first time of actually doing a study in the book of JOB and it was well worth the time it took to get through it. Some days it was smooth sailing, most days it was like plowing through rocky clay. I spend every Sunday morning with a fun bunch of women who love God and want to know Him more. That was accomplished as we went through this study. The question of WHY??? is never answered, but we find JOB has matured in his relationship with God through the adversity/calamity he experienced. The four friends that attempted to comfort him were of no help because they directed their "comfort" at Job accusing him of some gross sin. Job continued to address God and in all of this did not 'sin with his mouth' or curse God as his wife suggested he do. He ends his confession and repentance by saying to God:

"Then Job answered the Lord and said:
I know that you can do all things, and that no purpose of your can be thwarted."
The Lord then rebukes Jobs friends saying he will accept the prayer and sacrifice of Job and behalf of his friends. The Lord's anger burned against them because they had not spoken to Job was right about HIM. 

Making it my goal to know God and His Word so I may speak of what is right and not according to my own folly.
Next week we celebrate with donuts and coffee and a gab session among sisters.


Gigi said...

The Book of Job is an eye-opener for sure. But things haven't changed all these many years later...people still want someone or something to blame when calamity strikes! And it's doubly tragic when the person they blame is the one in the dire straits to begin with.

I'm with you, Jody. Lord, let me NOT be like "those" friends. Instead, let me love, encourage and turn all to You.

Cheryl said...

Did you use a book with this study? If so, what was the name of the book?

Jody said...

The book we used is Trusting God in Times of Adversity by Kay Arthur and Pete DeLacy. It was a good study focusing on God and His greatness. I blogged about our study under Studies in Job, so there is more synopsis under that heading.

Judy said...

One of my favorite books. Jude is actually my favorite:) I admire Job and often see people who strike like hawks when there is a crisis choosing to blame the wounded. Kay Arthur has such wonderful insight too. Thanks so much for sharing the journey.