Friday, March 19, 2010

De-Friended Part 2

My disappointment with this particular incident  lies in the fact that Person A looked for me, has known me for over ten years and knows Who I love and why. Person A knows I make it my goal to love God, His Word and His people. Because Person A has chosen some lifestyle choices that I don't agree with but have never spoken out against to Person A specifically, found it necessary to leave my life as Person A the same way Person A appeared. 'Hi, how are you?' 'Click' I no longer want to be your friend. I am not hurt, saying, 'O poor me, I have fewer friends'. That is not it at all.
I sense loss in a just renewed friendship, I wanted to love as Jesus loves without judgement, I wanted to be salt and light.
But as a dear friend reminds me, often, 'it's not about you', it's about Him. I will continue to knock on the door of heaven, imploring God to draw Person A to Himself and continue to make this(me) person like His son.


Terri said...

Okay, this is really weird but that is the same message I got from the Lord this morning. It has nothing to do about Facebook, but I've had a few things the last few days that have discouraged me.

The message I got this morning was, "It's not about you, Terri!" That's a tough one to swallow sometimes, but so true.

BTW, I didn't think you were whining or complaining in the last post.

Michelle said...

I think that as the Romans 12 message Pastor Rob gave spoke about - being sure that you are not being shunned because you are obnoxious, but rather because you are a follower of Christ - applies here. You obviously are true to His word and this "friend" doesn't want to know the truth about choices she is making.

"the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil." John 3:19

I am sure that deep down, she knows what is right and true, and probably even that you are praying for her!

Jody you are an encouragement and a light to so many! Shine on!!

Gigi said...

Jody...I certainly understand your hurt. We have human hearts, after all. I think He allows the hurt to lay on our hearts as a reminder to take it to Him. I find that helps, as I'm sure you do. And yes, seeking His will for Person A as well as yourself will bless you both!

Have a lovely weekend!