Friday, June 18, 2010

Are You Hungry-Part 2

This post is in keeping with yesterday's post. As I thought about the spiritual disciplines of Bible intake, praying, fasting, journaling, and scripture memory  I came across this radio program yesterday. The guest was Janet Pope. She has written an excellent book on scripture memory and why we cannot do without the Word of God hidden in our hearts. I was so glad I had this book on my shelf, having purchased it several years ago. Some of her comments:
The question to ask ourselves is 'am I hungry for God's Word? NOT am I a disciplined person.
Memorize to KNOW GOD, to think on God to commune with God. 
Don't memorize to be able to say I have memorized the book of Revelation.
Is my heart, mind and soul tethered to the Word of God?
Memorizing scripture is NEVER unproductive time. It is an oasis for the mind and soul.

Seven times a days I praise you for your righteous rule.
Psalm 119:164
This is an example of constant reflection on God's character. It is not suggesting an exact number but a continual turning to God's Word throughout the day. 

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