Monday, September 20, 2010


I often comment to my three daughters how busy they seem, going from one task or event to the next. They are living life I am told. Recently my husband made the same comment about me, 'you can't sit still either, I wonder where they get it from?'
Truth is he is right.
This past Friday Lauren and I went to a fall festival while he finished up some work. Saturday I worked on the sweet pickles that were canned soon. Saturday afternoon we all went to see Kelsey play college volleyball with shopping and dinner to follow. Sunday is always full with morning and evening services. I highly recommend Pastor Rob's messages from yesterday. Excellent.
This morning I dropped Lauren off at school, walked at the park with a friend then had coffee. Off to another friend's house to finish canning our pickles and the day is not over.
All that to say how thankful I am for the place God has put me. I haven't always been able to thank God and be content in whatever state I am in. In years past I have been very discontent even while knowing God had called us to a particular place.
Thankful for...
**a husband who loves God and me
**children who are growing into great young adults, they are actually fun to be with some days you    wonder if you will ever say that as a mother
**a church family who loves God and his word and thier pastor and family
**friends who take the time to think of me and enjoy life and our great God together
**and fall weather, love this time of year

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