Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good-bye Good Wife

Dear CBS(yes you, the network)

I am not a regular tv veiwer. In fact you can read here what we did with our tv, computer and telephone. There are not many shows I take the time to watch, but did like The Good Wife...last season. I looked forward to relaxing on the couch after a day of chasing a two year old. I began this season watching, although sporadic because of the world series and elections that were bombarding the airwaves.
I will NO longer be watching this show because of this past week's episode. Why did you have to ruin a good story line by making one of the main characters a lesbian? Why did you have to include a lesbian couple kissing? Tell me how that added to the plot?
I have to confess, I was going to give you one more week. But as the week wore on...had I become...what's the word...immune to this type of viewing? accepting it because it has become accepted by the world? by our culture? Was I becoming like the world?
So, goodbye Good Wife, I WON'T be giving you another week. And NO I don't hate homosexuals, I hate what God hates, the sin of homosexuality.

Not so surprised viewer

To all my readers...I did file formal complaint.


Cheryl said...

I have come to this conclusion to just about everything on television. I used to be an avid TV viewer, but about 2 years ago....I got fed up with it. Everything I watched had too much sex, violence, and bad language (and that was just the sit-coms!) Watching the evening news was depressing and aggravating. So....I just stopped watching. The only TV I watch is PBS on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Most of the time our television is off and when it is on we are watching DVDs. It's amazing how much I DON'T miss TV!

Lori said...

Sad isn't it? How sometimes we can justify a little sin? What about those brownies you are mixing up? Just a little dog poop wouldn't hurt anybody, would it? Just a little sin? Hmmm. Food for thought. They've ruined my shows too. Maybe a little more info on how to file a formal complaint.

Michelle said...

We rarely watch tv at our house, outside of some kid's shows, for the same reasons. I even had my principal comment, "You don't watch tv do you?" when she realized that I spend my time doing other things (like reading) and not wasting it before the television set.

Gigi said...

I've never watched that fact, I'm oblivious to most shows on tv! The majority of my viewing is on Food Network and HGTV even though I don't cook anymore and I'm sure not "House Hunting!"

Jody, that old classic green bean casserole is my Mom's favorite! I'll be making it for her this Thanksgiving (as I always do) as well as my pumpkin cheesecake for my Dad. The rest of the meal I'm having prepared for us and picking up on the way to my parents house where we'll gather for the meal this year.

I saw that recipe on Ree's site last week...hope you enjoy it! Are you going to watch her throwdown with Bobby Flay next week?