Saturday, January 22, 2011

O God I Beg Your Forgiveness

Thirty years ago as a senior in high school I was required to take English 4. With reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary being my favorite subjects and three years of of english classes under my belt, I was prepared for an easy road. The requirements for this last year of English was the dreaded term paper. I don't remember why I chose the subject of abortion to research and write my paper on,  but as a fairly new Christian, I knew it was wrong. I knew I wanted to know more about it, wanted to know some of the awful procedures used and why it had become legal. I gathered my books from the library and news articles I could find on microfiche, no internet in those days. I wrote and re-wrote my outline finally handing in what I thought was a well written, heart wrenching term paper. After all my research and writing I was no longer the naive farm girl from the country. Abortion and its atrocities had opened my eyes and heart to the pain it causes to the unborn and the mother...who doesn't forget. I got a fair grade, but I would have gotten a better grade for I had written my own "opinion" in a term paper that is to just show the research and no personal said the teacher. I'm sure to this day she disagreed with my opinion.
Today I am begging for God's forgivness for my sin of looking the other way these past few years regarding abortion. I have supported the pro-life movement by working for Birthright many years ago, and giving financially to local prolife centers. What else can I do? With statistics telling us that in 2008, 1.2 million abortions were performed, that the national abortion rate is 22% and 2 out of 10 pregnancies end in abortion, what can little ole me do?
I am committed to praying consistently this year for this brutality against the unborn.I am asking forgiveness from my heavenly Father for believing that it is the role of the government to end abortion. Although I believe it should become illegal to have an abortion I am no longer trusting in the "powers that be".
Tomorrow, 1-23, is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. I want to do more than just recognize this day, but remember everyday that there are 

"...those who are being taken away to death that need to be rescued, and those who are stumbling to the slaughter that need to be held back."
Proverbs 24:11

I needed to see this and be reminded of this to rejoice.


Elaine W. Miller said...

Thank you for sharing your heart and reminding us all that we should not ever ever ever stop praying for the unborn and for the dear women carrying their babies and making heart-wrenching decisions. My heart aches for both.

Jody said...

Totally agree with you Elaine. There are two people who are hurt when an abortion occurs. My heart is for the mothers also.

Susanna Rose said...

Amen Jody! I have really not cared enough about this issue in deed like I should! It is so true to think of it in serious terms like this...I need forgiveness as well!

Judy said...

This has been a great burden on my heart for most of my life, even B.C. I appreciate your compassion for the precious life lost and the wounded life that remains. I am remided of the old testament scripture of standing in the gap! I am praying with you.