Sunday, September 14, 2008

What about Me?

Friday night and Saturday were sad days for me. I think I've moved on regarding my dad then one morning I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Hard to explain, but you probably know the feeling. I needed to talk to my dad, yet my questions would go unanswered, my concerns would go unsaid. Not able to sleep nor wanting to get up, I heard Someone say in the stillness of the black night, "what about Me?" I asked the Lord for comfort and someone to talk to. My Heavenly Father answered in a way I didn't expect coming in the form of someone who needed words of comfort from me rather than me sitting at home wallowing in the quagmire of self. It's not wrong to miss my dad, nor is it wrong to acknowledge the paper cuts of life. Jesus some days moves off center by death of loved ones, news of cancer, lost jobs, car accidents. Other days I lose sight of my treasure when the "paper cuts of life" demand my attention. Was the day wasted? I think not, for it was one more opportunity to turn to Christ, making it my goal to know Him. One of these days I'll elaborate on the "paper cuts of life" a favorite saying of my pastor.

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