Wednesday, December 15, 2010


(Re-post from 2008)

We have a beautiful nativity given to us by dear friends. It is a ceramic, all white, shiny set. Every year it has a special place, up out of the way where it won't get broke, but still visible for all to see.
 Although the donkey no longer has ears to hear.
This year that space was taken, so I set it on our coffee table, making sure Jesus is at the center, Mary and Joseph at his side, with all the animals, shepherds, and wisemen worshipping him.
Wouldn't you know, I have to rearrange this several times a day, because of all the traffic in the living room, people putting their feet on the coffee table next to my beautiful nativity. 
A constant reminder that I should not be worrying if baby Jesus will get broke or the animals are in their rightful place, rather God is using it to help me put Jesus at the center of my life, treasure him above all other gifts, with everything else finding their rightful place.

2010 update: It is again resting nicely on our coffee table. No worries except for our cat, Ginger, we acquired earlier this year. As I set it up Thanksgiving night, I had every piece in its rightful place just as my husband said, what about Baby K? He is the two year old I watch during the week. Would he stay away from it?
No problems with him, just the cat who has snagged her claws on the cloth underneath the nativity, almost pulling it all on the floor. I was not a happy camper. But again, God has used it to remind me what I need to focus on this time of year. I guess if my nativity ends up with no ears and baby Jesus shattered on the floor I will have to buy a new one. But realizing God never changes, He is steadfast and His Word is eternal.


Gigi said...

Jody, I had to laugh and shake my head when I read your more thing we share in common! One year many years ago, I asked my Mom - who did beautiful ceramic work - to make me one thing. Can you guess? Yep, an all white Nativity set. It is one of my most prized possessions. Sadly, I don't have the heart this year to go into the attic and get it out of the Christmas things...but in my heart, that lovely Nativity set is in place and so very beautiful...

Lori said...

I've discovered many smaller nativity sets in boxes this year so I got them ALL out. I had to get the super glue out to fix the palm leaf on one and the staff that is broken got some marker ink to help hide the break. But its symbolic to our lives, broken. And symbolic that Jesus heals.
My big willow tree set never gets put away. I tuck it on the top shelf of my dining room cabinet behind glass doors until Christmas. I can't bear to wrap it up and pack it away, so I leave it out all year. I love the reminder of seeing it throughout the seasons when I get in that cabinet for other things. I would not be able to put mine in a high traffic area though. My cat would have baby Jesus scooting across the kitchen floor. So it is in a safe place for all to view.

Edie said...

I'm still looking for my nativity set. I loved reading about yours. You need a sign on your table that says no feet allowed. Haha.