Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Behold I Am A Servant of the Lord

"And Mary said, Behold I am a servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your Word."
Luke 1:38
As I read the Christmas story again in Luke I was struck by Mary's response. Although she was greatly troubled, trying her best to figure out what was going on, the answer to the angel was on her lips immediately. Yes, she was troubled and perplexed, but her obedience came without anymore questions.
"Mary is an example of true discipleship, submitting to God's Word and promise. God often uses people who are not great in the world's eyes to work his great purposes on the earth."
(ESV study notes)
I think of the demands I place on my children, especiallly when they were  much younger and I was trying to teach them obedience. I wanted instant obedience, no questions asked.  But the demands or discipline I required of them, lovingly of course, were the same demands I didn't follow when it came to my relationship with the Lord. He also wanted obedience, but was I willing to obey with all my heart trusting He knew what was right? Do I trust in God and HIs goodness obeying because I know He loves me just as I love my children?
How quickly do I obey in what God shows me everyday even when I'm not sure what that obedience will look like today, tomorrow or in nine months?

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Lori said...

first time obedience is hard when you're two or at any age...great post.