Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lost Keys

It seems every lesson I teach to someone else be it in a Sunday School class or Bible study, God always teaches me again. It's certainly not that I think I've arrived, simply that the lesson I prepare I have someone else in mind. So much for that.
My car keys have gone into hiding for the past two days and I had to practice what I had just taught this past Sunday. So soon Lord?
Would I fuss and fume? blaming my husband because he had them last?
or would I believe that God is big enough to find my keys? Does He even care my keys have a mind of their own?
As I thought about what my response should be in light of Sunday's lesson I was reminded of the questions I had posed to the class:

Is God big in my mind?
Is God at the forefront of everything I think about?
Is God my first consideration in all circumstances? Or is God the last resort?

Yes, does care about cancer, job loss, death of a loved one, financial stress, AND He cares about car repairs, kids who run up cell phone bills, you fill in the blank, lost keys.
(Found them in my bag I carry to church, sorry husband for blaming you)


Lori said...

Look in your purse...was what I was going to say - but you already found them! Just like looking for my glasses...and they are on my head! We're getting older :) And wiser!

jeleasure said...

I'll bet you already looked, once or twice into your bag prior to actually laying your eyes on them.

Gigi said...

Yes! God cares for us (and about us) in ALL things! And isn't that a simply wonderful feeling?! Glad you found your keys Jody!

I find myself turning to God 1,000 times a day, beginning with when I first open my eyes (although lately I have to be honest and admit that my communication at that early hour consists of, "oh please God...can I just get a day off? Please Lord, just ONE? whine, whine, sniffle, sniffle!)

Jody said...

My husband actually found them in my bag upon my suggestion that I should look there. He was going crazy for the past couple of days thinking he had lost them, when I had put them in my bag and forgot. Whooops.

Edie said...

Yes He does care about all those things, Big and small. I always pray whenever I can't find something. Whenever there is someone else nearby and I have lost something, I ask them "Have you seen my ...?" So why wouldn't I ask the One who is always nearby and knows exactly where they are? He has yet to refuse to tell me too. :)