Friday, March 6, 2009

An Anniversary

Sunday is a special day as I celebrate 34 years of knowing Jesus. My dear sister in Christ reminded me recently of this anniversary which was many years ago when we had a lay witness mission at our church. She and I came to Christ together that Saturday night, March 8. She is not only a sister in Christ but someone I've known all my life because our mom's are like sisters too. We went to school together, church together and ate the famous Zeno's pizza together, almost every week growing up when our parents got together to play cards. She has also wept with me this past year when my dear dad died and our bond has grown even deeper. This post is in honor of you, sweet sister, thank you.


jeleasure said...

Hi Jody,
Congratulations on the anniversary of your relationship with The Lord. Also, further congratulations on having a close friend whom you share your spiritual birthdate.

Gigi said...

Happy Anniversary Jody!! I believe God is even happier to celebrate this date! And that you share it with a dear friend just increases the joy! Have a blessed weekend!

Edie said...

Well Happy Anniversary Jody! That just made me realize that I gave my live to Christ in March also, (18 years ago) but I don't remember the day. :)

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Jody,

Happy salvation anniversary. You have been in the Lord for quite awhile. That is wonderful :)