Monday, March 9, 2009

A True Woman

This past Saturday our church held an all day mini conference for women, watching the dvd's from the True Woman conference held last fall. We heard from John Piper, Janet Parshall, and Nancy Leigh De Moss. It was good to hear what a True Woman is.

A True Woman is God-Centered not self-centered
A True Woman trusts God for and in everything
A True Woman raises her white hankie in surrender saying 'Yes, Lord'

A True Woman does not identify herself by her roles, competencies or what she looks like but in Jesus Christ

It was a great way to spend a early March day with women who love Jesus.


Gigi said...

Oh what a wonderful time!! A true woman...yes!

Tara Barthel said...

What a GREAT idea!! And what a wonderful, God-centered blog.

THANK YOU for your ministry!

Your sister in Christ,
Tara B.