Wednesday, July 15, 2009


"A praying life feels like our family mealtimes because prayer is all about relationship. It's intimate and hints at eternity. We don't think about communication or words but about whom we are talking with. Prayer is simply the medium through which we experience and connect to God."

"Many Christians haven't stopped believing in God; we have just become functional deists, living with God at a distance. We view the world as a box with clearly defined edges. But as we learn to pray well, we'll discover that this is my Father's world. Because my Father controls everything I can ask, and he will listen and act. Since I am his child, change is possible--and hope is born."

Paul E. Miller
A Praying Life


Tamela's Place said...

Such and encouraging prayer.. thanks for posting it Jody

Lori said...

Great posts this week :) So true about prayer and conversation with God.