Friday, September 18, 2009

A Green Idea

A new school year is well under way and I found a product that I just love and wanted to share. My fifth-grader likes to take her lunch almost everyday, unless it's pizza, which she never passes up. I got her a new lunch bag and pile it full of good things to eat. What I've used for the past few years are those plastic sandwich/snack bags that just get thrown away when she is done with them.
I finally decided I was tired of adding to the landfill all those hundreds of plastic bags because she will be taking her lunch for the next few years I'm sure.

I was happy to find
Plum Creek Mercantile that has many colors and sizes of reusable bags that are the perfect size for sandwiches, crackers, chips, raw vegetables and of course cookies. Just rinse and re-use. This company has many other products that are worth checking into.

Just a 'green' tip for today.


Gigi said...

Love that!! Yay you for being green!

Lori said...

I love this site - thanks for sharing. I take my lunch when I can and hate the plastic zip baggies too. What a waste. I'm going to look into these.