Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holding On

A year, seven months and twenty two days ago my dad passed away quite unexpectedly. He was having an outpatient procedure done and something went horribly wrong. I was living here on the east coast and my dad was in a hospital in the midwest. I literally dropped everything I was doing, made arrangements to go see my dad, thinking I will visit for a week and be back, just like other times he had landed in the hospital.
It was not to be, within 24 hours of getting the news, he had taken the hand of God and walked into eternity, leaving my mom, sisters and me wondering what had gone wrong? 
It was now my turn to hold tightly onto the calloused hand of Jesus.

"If you know Jesus, then the hand holding yours bears the calluses of a carpenter who worked with wood and carried a cross for you.  When he opens his hand, you see the gnarled flesh of the nail scars on his wrists.  And when you think he doesn't understand your pain, realize that you don't understand the extent of his pain.  Love him or not, he has proven he loves you."

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Gigi said...

Jody, thank you for the reminder to look beyond my own pain and remember the suffering He endured for me...