Monday, October 25, 2010

Still Focusing on Jesus

This is a re-post of a year ago. I like to look back to what I was thinking and posting a year ago at this time. 

Be very careful of anything that causes you to drift from your devotion to Jesus

The tendency of my heart is to be a 'navel gazer'. Looking at my problems, focusing on what's wrong or how can I  "fix" the problem. Sometimes my focus is on all that has to be accomplished for the day, getting out of the door for the morning, wondering how my children who are out of the nest are doing, the what if's of looming problems, the classes I need to prepare for or the next ministry activity I need to be at.
I have to remind myself sometimes minute by minute to focus on Jesus, acknowledge him as the center of my day asking him to help me be devoted to him rather than distracted by by the 'worries of this world'.
Does that make me too heavenly minded to be of no earthly good? (not sure that is a biblical concept) but you know what I mean.
No! The world needs more of Jesus and the message of why he left his heavenly father for 33 years to reconcile us to his Father.
Saturating my life with Jesus and the Word of God can make a difference in the world I am living in.
Intentionally loving as Jesus loves and preparing me for my heavenly home. I have to remind myself I'm a pilgrim, this is not my eternal home.

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