Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Studies in Job

This past week in our studies of JOB we found him at the bottom of the pit. In fact if you can be in the slime in the bottom of a pit, JOB was there. His suffering continues and his friends who have come to comfort him are just tormenting him by the fact that JOB must have sinned to have God inflict this much suffering on him. WRONG!
Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar think they have it all figured it out, but JOB calls them "miserable comforters"(16:2).Job is hoping God will testify on his behalf(16:6-17:9)ESV notes
The second cycle of speeches begin in chapter 18 with JOB attempting to reply to them. In chapter 19 we found a glimmer of hope as JOB in verse 25:

"I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth."

In all of this horrific suffering of loss of family(except his wife), loss of land and animals, and the terrible disease that has come upon him, JOB did not curse God nor charge God with any wrong.
JOB continues to acknowledge God and seems to be looking up(to God).

May I say with JOB I know my Redeemer lives even in the midst of awful suffering.

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Gigi said...

And like Job, sadly I can identify with "miserable comforters" from people I thought to be friends. And that is painful and hurtful. Poor Job...praise God for His faithfulness!