Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Embracing The Gray

Far too often I've found myself in a 'particular' mood because of the weather. I will let you define 'particular'. Today I've sat on the couch next to my husband who is resting in his recliner while he recuperates from walking pneumonia. Reading and writing, and some napping have been the highlights of my day. As I looked through almost two years of blog posts, a common theme is the weather here in the northeast. I have photographed most of the seasons, proclaiming the beauty of God's great earth. 
But....this week, more like this month has been cold, snowy and cloudy, in a word GRAY. I am allowing the Lord to teach me once again my reason for rejoicing is not found in a weather system, one is moving in tomorrow bringing...more snow. Nor do I despair because of the political or economic outlook that seems to be very dismal these days. 
Instead, Jesus is where I rest my heart, mind and soul, knowing if the sky is blue, cloudy, gray or white with snow, he still reigns.

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Gigi said...

I understand what you mean though,'s a struggle! My mood can be affected by the color of the sky as well. And give me a week of gray/rain/drizzle? Please!! I much prefer the sunshine and blue skies. But that's true of life as well, isn't it?

I hope Pastor Rob is feeling better're both in my prayers.