Monday, April 12, 2010

The next couple of weeks will find Rob and I going our separate ways. He will be spending time with other men from our church attending Together For The Gospel conference in Louisville, KY. He looks forward to this every couple of years hanging out with like minded men who love the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. If I know my husband well, I know what their discussions will center around as they drive 14 hours to warmer weather. He will preach this Sunday then be off to our District Conference.
I on the other hand will be walking out the door as he walks in, attending our Northeastern District Alliance Women's Ministries(NED AWM) Refresh Women's Conference, where I will have the privilege of encouraging women to love Jesus and His Word. Then heading south to stay with and visit friends who recently moved from New York for a milder climate. Haha, they got more snow this year than we did.
My point for this post? men and women are so different and when they get together with their friends you will not find men talking about their inner most feelings, and you will find women NOT talking about how we really feel.
Is one better than the other? Is one discussion superior to other? When my husband goes to lunch with other men I ask him about their families, how his wife is doing, etc. Were those topics of discussion at the lunch table? No. That's okay, for...
"God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them."
Genesis 1:26
I found this article interesting and funny from the Wall Street Journal regarding the differences of men and women. 
I rejoice that I am made in the image of God just like my male counterpart. I have the same God who loves me, sent his son to die in my place so I can be a friend of God. 
Differences? Yes. Identity in Christ? Available to all of us. 
My roles as sister, mother, daughter, wife, friend will change. Who I am in Christ, spending eternity with Christ never will.

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