Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm Back

To my loyal readers and new friends I am back to blogging. I needed a break from the computer, which I can always get at my mom's because she still has dial-up! And break I did get. I did log onto my sister's computers only twice to check email and look at pictures a classmate had taken from my  30 year class reunion.
Age has never bothered me and still doesn't, but when I got the invitation in the mail to this reunion I had to look twice and said, out loud I'm sure, 'how did that happen?' I had a great time visiting with people I had not seen since our senior class trip. I spent the week having coffee, lunch, and visits with relatives and life long friends on my mom's porch. We got ready for a farm equipment sale which was last Saturday. It was an emotional day, but ended good with Zeno's Pizza, a local favorite.
Today we braved the weather, no it isn't snowing yet! We made our way to the New York State Fair, and after a few hours headed home because of 90 degree weather.
Check back soon for pictures of my end of the summer of 2010 fun.

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