Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I picked up a new book by Elizabeth George last week. Breaking the Worry Habit...Forever is her newest book which is easy to read and very applicable. I was first introduced to Elizabeth when she wrote her book Loving God With All Your Mind. She also writes Bible Studies that I've used for women's Bible Studies and Sunday School classes. Her books have sold over 5 million copies so you can be assured she is a great author and woman of God. I've heard her speak and she is very real and transparent.

In one of her early chapters on worry she discusses Mary and Martha when Jesus comes to visit. You can read about the visit in Luke 10. She comes to these conclusions in how we can follow Mary's path to peace.

**Stop what you're doing--all your busyness, all your stewing, all your doing, all your running 
    around in circles, all your accusing and complaining.

**Sit down--both in body and in heart.

**Seek God's peace and priorities--through prayer.

**Start up again--with a quiet heart, the right attitude, and God's right direction for your efforts.

"You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You."
Isaiah 26:3

I'd like to think that if Jesus was coming to visit I'd be more like Mary. Who wouldn't want to sit at the feet of Jesus. But would I be distracted by what we're going to eat? or did I clean the bathroom and hang up the special towels? or, or or??? 
Staying my mind on Jesus.


Lori said...

Great post! We must both be thinking of peace today!

Gigi said...

What a wonderful post, Jody! I think lately I've been much more like Martha...this is a good reminder to be more Mary-like!