Friday, April 23, 2010

Home Again

Safely home for a few weeks, then off to the midwest for my nephew's high school graduation. Lauren and I enjoyed travelling to Virginia with friends to visit our former church secretary and her husband. They moved last fall, so it was fun to stay with them and catch up. Virginia is beautiful in the spring. Enjoy the pictures. Back to regular postings next week.
Travelling companions with a stop on the way home at an out of the way Cheese Shop. They had more than cheese.
Kudos to my husband who has been on the road the past two weeks, travelling to two different conferences. He had arrived home a few hours before me. The dishwasher was going and the laundry basket was empty. So we were able to enjoy the evening together since we had not seen each other for those two weeks except for a few hours. Thanks honey it's good to be home.

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