Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to the Zoo

Life is about to get...what's the word I'm looking for.....?HECTIC

animatedboisterousburningchaoticconfused, disordered, excitedexcitingfervid, fevered, feverish, flurrying, flustering, freneticfrenzied,furioushassle, heated, jungle*, madhouse, nutsy, restless, riotous, rip-roaring,tumultuousunsettledwild, woolly, zoolike
 My district women's ministries annual conference is this weekend. Not only am I assistant director for our district, I am also on the committee for the conference and speaking at one of the Friday afternoon seminars.

Then off for a few days...I'm going south.
May will bring a visit from my favorite mother-in-law...I only have one, in case you were wondering!
One of our daughters will leave for Europe to be a nanny...I will take off to the midwest for a nephew's graduation, another daughter will not be home for the summer.

No wonder when I told my mom in a recent phone call what my life for the next month was going to look like, there was only...silence on the other end.
So, yes, all the above synonyms for HECTIC will apply, but I am not complaining. Life is full and God is good all the time...all the time God is good

I think I need a nap.

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