Friday, April 30, 2010



1  (–noun
an opening, as in a wall, serving as an outlet for air, smoke, fumes, or the like.
an opening at the earth's surface from which volcanic material, as lava, steam, or gas, is emitted.
Zoologythe anal or excretory opening of animals, esp. of those below mammals, as birds and reptiles.
the small opening at the breech of a gun by which fire is communicated to the charge.
a means of exit or escape; an outlet, as from confinement.
expression; utterance; release: to give vent to one's emotions.
Obsoletethe act or fact of venting; emission or discharge.
I looked up the word vent because that is what I was doing last night. No I'm not talking about #1 definition or 2,3,4,5. I was expressing myself, uttering words of emotion to our great New York state, I was releasing some emotions about all the hoops we have to jump through to get our girls through college and the amount of money we still have to pay even though our tax dollars go to the institutions they are at. I even said it's time to move out of the state, but our only option would be to move to Montana or North Dakota. These states are the only ones not dealing with budget debt! So no worries, we're here to stay. 
I was sitting at my desk last night working on yet another paper for one of the girls, getting it ready to put in the mail when I was reminded of my posts this week. God reminded me asking me if I was going to put feet to what I wrote this week about 'being neighborly', loving my neighbor. Would I exhibit Christlikeness in this situation?
With the 'venting' over, I looked up to the top of my desk to see right in front of me a stone knick knack which I had just purchased on my Virginia trip. When I bought this little gift to myself I bought it with the intention of putting it somewhere visible to see everyday. Little did I know God would use it so soon. These are the words:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul."

I wasn't being very loving or Christlike in this 'venting' situation. But thankfully, God uses the Holy Spirit in my life to remind me whose I am, conforming me to the image of his son, Jesus,  and forgiving my sins. 

I do not like the layout of this post, for some reason I cannot get what I wrote to left align, so to avoid another 'venting situation' I'm going to leave it as it is! Happy Friday.

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