Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Casting Stones

Fair warning: This post will be unlike other posts. Will be using a word or two that may cause you to read out of your comfort zone!
Recently I saw something posted in a window for the entire world to see, as if this person was so proud of the accomplishment she was advertising. The colorful window dressing said:
My first reaction when I saw this was to think, 'what in the world is a condom queen' and why is it posted in a window?
Second reaction? Disgust and judgement.
Third reaction...which should have been my first...after I had given it some thought and the Holy Spirit had convicted me...especially after last weeks posts about witnessing...
this person needs Jesus, she(assuming female because of the word queen) needs to sit at the feet of Jesus, where he will speak truth to her and tell her to go and sin no more. She does not need me to cast the first stone because I am without sin, but to look past her sin and love her in a Christlike way, speaking the truth in love. I want to join Jesus at the table with sinners, because I fit into that category rather than pharisees who were out looking for sin ready to cast the first stone.
(John 8:1-11) I wonder what Jesus was writing in the sand?
Before Jesus, before grace... I had a title too.

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