Monday, January 3, 2011

What To Do With The Old Year

Pastor Rob preached a great message yesterday on What To Do With The Old Year. He listed seven questions to ask ourselves as we look back on 2010 helping us to make Christ-centered, God glorifying changes for 2011. The first one is a doozie, if that's a word.

1. Have I left any roots in 2010 that will move into 2011 causing a root of bitterness to spring up?

2. How did I respond to God's providential discipline in 2010?

3. What did my commitment to the life of the local church look like in 2010? Did I do more
    than just show up?

4. Did I notice any increase of desire for and delight in God's Word this past year?

5. Did I grow in grace by my participation in the Lord's supper in 2010?

6. Did I seek a better understanding of God's providence and sovereignty this past year?

7. Did I see any progress in my battle against sin this past year?
These questions are elaborated on in the message, but wanted to give you and idea about this message. It's one you will want to listen to. In my book, you should listen to all of Pastor Rob's messages, but I am a bit biased. I think he is the best!!


Cheryl said...

He IS the best....hands down! I'm so thankful that I can still listen to his preaching, even from hundreds of miles away!

Snacks from the cruise buffet said...

Great questions--especially the first one!

{Can't remember how I found your blog, but have been enjoying it--our DHs share the same profession}