Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Blog Review

I am posting my top six posts for 2010. I do have two statistics counters for my blog, but those were not started until the middle of 2010. These posts are the most popular by how many comments were left for each post. My Weekend Giveaway had the most comments, but I did not include that one. I see another give away coming soon!

Sanctification and Painting
Defriended- Part 1
Defriended- Part 2
No Words Needed
Letting Go Again

A word about comments. Although I do not blog exclusively to see what you all have to say, it is nice to hear from you who read my blog. Some days it is like teaching to an empty classroom or leading a Bible study with no one present. That said...I am just as guilty of reading through my list of blogs and leaving no comments. It is so easy to be in such a rush that I just don't have time to encourage someone else with what they have posted for the day. I am making it a goal of mine for the coming year to encourage more by commenting on your blog posts when the Lord has used you to encourage me. You can find my purpose for blogging here and another post here regarding my blog.
Enjoy the year in reveiw and happy New Year's Eve eve.

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Ellen Coulter said...

Busted! I look forward to reading your blog nearly everyday! I too promise to be more vocal in my comments in the coming year! You are a blessing and an inspiration!