Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Ramblings

I blog for several reasons, one being I love to write. Writing it down for the whole world to see wasn't what I had in mind, but when it enters the blogosphere, that is the risk I take. I also journaled for 20+ years before I began my blog. Those journals are stowed away in a safe place with a disclaimer on top if I happen to go to heaven unexpectedly. Journals and blogs are very personal, but I also want them to be my spiritual heritage handed down to my family when I am gone.
Another reason for blogging was stated in a post which I have highlighted here:
 I wanted to be able to communicate to the women of our church, to my extended family who do not live nearby, to anyone who might be reading. My desire for this blog is to point you and myself to Jesus Christ. If I can encourage one person to love God and continue in your pursuit of the lover of your soul, encouraging you to get to know God in all his glory through HIS WORD, then I have accomplished my goal for writing.

Here are a couple of posts regarding my purpose for blogging.

All that to say I want to continue to encourage you my reader in your pursuit of our Great God. There always seems to be so much sadness in our world that would seek to take our focus off Jesus and our desire to follow him with all our hearts, mind and soul. Whether it is world events, a financial crisis, marriages that need the gospel applied to them, children who are straying, etc. you fill in the blank.
But God is always wanting to use any and every circumstance to draw us closer to Himself and conform us to the image of His son. That is not always easy to do when tragedy sometimes knocks on our door. My only encouragement comes from God who talks to me everytime I open His Word.
Paul, the author of Romans speaks about peace with God through faith. Since we have been justified, declared innocent because of Jesus and his work on the cross, we can have peace. We can rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And God is glorified when we can rejoice in our sufferings because of what suffering produces, which you can read in Romans 5:1-5. The best part? God's love is poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us. God doesn't just love us, he POURS his love into our hearts.(v.5), which in the greek pour means to bestow or distribute largely.
Be encouraged today reading friend, whatever you are facing, God knows and is pouring his love into your heart.


Donna M said...


Thank you for blogging. I love reading your encouragement and your heart. I am so looking forward to getting to know you better.

Blessings today!!


Ellen Coulter said...

Thank you friend!