Friday, April 22, 2011

It Should Have Been Me

I confess the death, burial and resurrection of my Lord has become too familiar. Being gone for a few days this week caused my mind to stray. It was a great get away and had a refreshing time but it wasn't until last night and this morning that I sat down to really contemplate what Jesus did for me.
It should have been me that was condemned to die, it should have been me that was spit upon, it should have been me that was blindfolded, slapped and beat. And it should have been me they kept hitting and being spit upon.
But it was Jesus...he did it for me and he did it for all who call on the name of the Lord and surrender their life to. (Mark 14:21-16:8)
Words escape me for what Jesus went through for me...except
Thank you...
May Jesus who is Lord of my life never become too familiar.

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Lori said...

Sometimes I think we forget the punishment for sin. And that Christ stood in the gap for us. It was all meant for us, but God's grace and mercy is for everyone. It is not a mistake that we get to decide to follow Christ or turn away. The price He paid for each one of us, at time, is too much for my mind to bear. But He did it. It is finished. Glory to His name.