Monday, April 25, 2011

What To Do?

Easter dinner is in the history books as well as our get away last week which you can read about here. As I said about our time away we were treated like royalty with a two course breakfast which included a plate of fruit and yogurt followed by a plate full of hot food. Dinner was the same...salad, entree and a decadent slice of chocolate cake and lemon torte cake the following night. What to do with all this food this past week?
  • I ate most of the fruit and yogurt and half of the hot food which was heaped on our plate...double of everything.
  • Lunch was light.
  • Dinner I ate the salad, half of the main course...and all of the dessert. Tuesday night there was a ice cream sundae social for the guests and volunteers...all you could eat for free.
  • I did walk an hour one morning, swam in the pool and used the elliptical.
Easter dinner I had coffee. Just kidding. I made a ham, green bean casserole, rolls, and Rob made his famous mashed potatoes full of sour cream, evaporated milk, butter and lots of cheddar cheese.
I had a small spoon full of everything including strawberry shortcake with whipped cream later in the afternoon.
At this point you're probably wondering why I am giving you a run down of my latest eating habits?
Boring, boring...
I am filling you in because it is possible to eat any food and not gain weight and continue to lose. I am exercising everyday because it is finally nice to be outside here in the northeast. The number on the scale continues to go down and my energy level is going up.
The adventure continues...habits have changed, better choices are becoming easier, and even in exercise, diet, weight loss God can be honored.
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